David’s Tea (Again!?)

Hello all, hope you’re doing well!

My best friend Hayley and I took a trip to David’s Tea just after Valentine’s Day to see what things had gone on sale. Unfortunately the result was “not much” but, you’d be silly to think we didn’t find some new things to take home.

There so happened to be a matcha event happening the day we went, so we got to try a few different ones, and fell in love with the Maple Matcha! Hayley explained that it tastes exactly like the matcha donuts in Japan. We both took some home with us, and got a free drink with purchase.


Iced Maple Matcha

I’m actually new to purchasing matcha; the Maple is my first one. I’ve drunken it often at restaurants, but never purchased, so this is a fun new adventure! David’s has a cool article about matcha here, if you’re unfamiliar with it.

I found a few other teas as well, and was really excited because Hayley gave me a gift card for David’s for my bridal party, so there was no shame in making these purchases! (The only shame would be that I have so much on my shelf but can’t help buying more!)


My other purchases were:
Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait – This was one of my favorites from the Oh Christmas Treats collection, so I grabbed more before it disappears.
Serenity Now – The smell of this one was intoxicating, and I had to bring it home.
Honey Lullaby – A honey tea worthy of Pooh Bear! Love the smell, had to try.
Lapsang Souchong Star – With a smoky smell, the girl helping us suggested mixing this with alcohol. This is gonna be fun to try!

So…that’s not the end! David’s just posted today something cute:


The Malt Shop! Inspired by ice cream, this collection is darling. Hayley and I did an online order this time, grabbing 4 oz of each of Mint Chip Sundae and Strawberry Shake, which earned us free ice cream cone printed tins, and we plan to just split each half and half 🙂

Look forward to reviews of all of these! I’ve been finding that one review per week is good for me, and it allows me to stay on top of the new teas I’ve gotten lately without feeling overwhelmed that I’m not keeping up.

Until next time~


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